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"I write all of my instructional materials with one basic idea in mind: Intelligence can be taught. Master grammatical elements and how they fit together into standard English sentence patterns, and you will be a better writer. Effective writing skills will be a lifelong asset in all of your academic and professional pursuits." - Dr. Arthur Whimbey
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Thinking Through Grammar

Arthur Whimbey and Myra Linden spent over 30 years researching and experimenting with sentence combining before developing Thinking Through Grammar. In their work, they discovered that the power of sentence combining is that it strengthens many aspects of a student's capacity to handle written material. Research has shown that sentence combining 1) improves a student's ability to write mature, informative sentences; 2) reduces gramatical errors; 3) enhances the overall quality.. read more

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Sentence Combining

The Writing Next report, published by the Alliance for Excellent Education with the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, examines elements of effective adolescent writing instruction. Among these elements, the report recommends sentence combining, especially as a means for teaching grammar:
“. . . other instructional methods, such as sentence combining, provide an effective alternative to traditional grammar instruction.. read more

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Thinking Through Math Word Problems

When we asked children to create word problems which their classmates would enjoy solving, we discovered an entirely new realm of subjects - the content of cartoons, comic books, and jokes - and the children's own imaginative elaborations on these.

Children learn the techniques of critical thinking and problem solving with these "fun to think about" subjects. Appropriate for children in the 3rd to 5th grades.. order form